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Hey guys, recently I've felt disconnected from music, disconnected from learning and disconnected from growing. I've been in a slump (as I usually am) but this time, for the first time I've been contemplating quitting music, for good. Let me start by saying I love music. I love inspiring and invoking creativity or just simply an emotion through my music. When people say they've started making music because of me or because my music helped them through the day my mission has been accomplished. It's never been about making money or even getting exposure, I just do it because I love what comes before, during and after the music. The feedback, the good and bad comments, having people listen to my music gives me a very surreal feeling. Especially when I see I get 1,000 listens a day I can't help but wonder how someone could actually listen to it. Then I realize that's what I've been sriving for the whole time. Creating music for people, creating something new within the sound, creating atmospheres that bring you to new worlds, invoking inspiration, imagination, confidence and emotion. It was never for me, it's always been for you but lately I feel I've been failing spectacularly in that regard. I haven't been posting much music. I never uploaded more videos like I said was, I never tried to connect again with everyone, I ignore everyone who tries to get in touch with me and it feels like I'm so behind within the music community, the ng community and even within my own community that I can't keep up anymore. Essentially I just want to give up because of how incompetant I am. I want to quit in spite of myself. But I want to know what you guys think. Should I keep at it? Am I just overthinking it?    


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