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Should I quit making music?

Posted by DetiousMusic - April 17th, 2018

Hey guys, recently I've felt disconnected from music, disconnected from learning and disconnected from growing. I've been in a slump (as I usually am) but this time, for the first time I've been contemplating quitting music, for good. Let me start by saying I love music. I love inspiring and invoking creativity or just simply an emotion through my music. When people say they've started making music because of me or because my music helped them through the day my mission has been accomplished. It's never been about making money or even getting exposure, I just do it because I love what comes before, during and after the music. The feedback, the good and bad comments, having people listen to my music gives me a very surreal feeling. Especially when I see I get 1,000 listens a day I can't help but wonder how someone could actually listen to it. Then I realize that's what I've been sriving for the whole time. Creating music for people, creating something new within the sound, creating atmospheres that bring you to new worlds, invoking inspiration, imagination, confidence and emotion. It was never for me, it's always been for you but lately I feel I've been failing spectacularly in that regard. I haven't been posting much music. I never uploaded more videos like I said was, I never tried to connect again with everyone, I ignore everyone who tries to get in touch with me and it feels like I'm so behind within the music community, the ng community and even within my own community that I can't keep up anymore. Essentially I just want to give up because of how incompetant I am. I want to quit in spite of myself. But I want to know what you guys think. Should I keep at it? Am I just overthinking it?    


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I think music is a personal expression. I usually seek out that emotional connection, like you mentioned. But the core of it should always be making it for yourself above all others.

It's a decision you need to make for yourself, but it’s sad to think that the creative output would stop. I hope that whatever the decision, you’re able to find your way.

The thing is I still feel the urge to produce. But when I open up Ableton and actually get down to it I feel...deflated. I feel I need to force it for anything to actually happen now and I hate that. My methods feel obsolete and like I mentioned, I stopped wanting to learn new things and that's a huge part of the problem.

I'll reflect on your comment though, appreciate it. :)

I wouldn't think much about it. We all have our slumps and, if you're still passionate about music, best thing to do is put it to use when you're ready and able.

I can't help but be passionate about it but I also can't help but wonder if I've misplaced my creativity. It's a terrible thought but the question comes up in my mind a lot. I just don't like going on hiatuses like this for so long without having a single idea or spark of inspiration, it's been quite the opposite. But I'll try my best not to leave it all behind.

I recently posted about this sorta thing on another musician's similar news post.

The thing is, music, art, etc...it may not be your constant thing. Expand, try other hobbies.
See what you can find out that really makes you happy every single time you do it. (inb4 jerkin it)
Don't worry too much about keeping a constant thing until you're certain that it's gonna be a job.
For now, take it easy and let it grow on you at your own pace.
If you find out something else works better for you, absolutely don't stress out over it. Let it happen.
Good luck eh :v

I've been working on my book a lot these past few months and kind of set music 'aside' if you will. But it was never a conscious decision. I would write when I felt like it, I would produce when I felt like it.

Like you mentioned, I can't keep a constant indefinitely though I always want to be working on music, that's my problem. I haven't been working on ANY projects at all in the past 3-4 months which is way out of the norm for my work style. One thing I always held myself to was to always be working on something, anything (music wise.) I wonder if writing is sucking all my creative juices out lol. Thanks for the comment!

You're songs are one of the driving motivations that inspire me today. The rate at which you produce them, and their mind blowing quality is what makes you a great producer! Should you quit? That depends on a number of variables which I can't predict. But I can assure you, no matter how long this "slump" lasts, no matter what depths your skills reach, I can garuntee your talents and your effort were not wasted on making these records. At least, not to me.

My opinion? You belong here, and you should keep making songs like this. But if worst comes to worst, I can garuntee I won't hate you for whatever you do. You're a great musician, and probably a great person too, so whatever you decide, I will always support you.

That makes me nothing but happy. The question was somewhat rhetorical, it's hard for me to even see me quitting. I feel like I want to but I know deep down I couldn't. Quitting isn't an option when people like you follow me but then there's the part of me that feels I've done a disservice to you and myself so therefore I don't deserve to keep creating.

Maybe I just needed reassurance that everything I create isn't all for naught. At the moment I'm somewhat lost but your words alone give me some encouragement to just push through, thanks! <3

The same seems to be happening to me. I'm feeling like since I'm having barely any ideas, I'm falling behind in skill and I'm slowly losing the passion for making music. It happens.
But don't quit. Your music (along with Spaze and others) inspired me to make music in the first place, and look how far I've come in less than a year! Every time I'm feeling like I'm failing, I listen to one of the songs you've made and it inspires me every time.
(and Golden Haze is one of my favorite songs of all time)
I know I'm nowhere near as skilled or talented as you are, but I've come far enough to say that evoking an emotion through music and seeing that it hits someone is just surreal.
The unmatched quality of your music, the emotion it holds, it blows my mind. When I started out, one of my goals was to make a song that would be as amazing as yours.
Your music has taken me to worlds I could never have dreamed of otherwise. I wrote a flipping EP that expanded my horizons completely when I listened to Zephyr and Hypersphere!
Your music is so insanely inspiring and amazing and it WILL be hard sometimes. There's no easy way to get through it; you just have to work hard and let it come back at its own pace.
You've taken others to new worlds. I encourage you to keep at it.

I've seen this a lot recently and based on what you've already posted here, you shouldn't quit art.

Not everyone is able to do the same thing day in and day out, you gotta have variety. Take a break, enjoy listening, and before you know it you'll feel like creating again.

To quote a snowboard instructor of mine 'Don't force it, feel it!'.

As well, don't feel like there is arbitrary requirements to release videos or songs all the time. A song comes out when it comes out, and no accounts get shut down because they haven't been active every single day. :P

Keep your chin up my friend, life if more comfortable than you think. :)

Not a cat in hells chance should you stop

Don't quit, especially if it's your passion and you feel the urge to create. You can't run away from a flame like that anyway, it will always be there. Like others have said maybe you're in a slump in which case try creating something new. Something totally different. Don't put pressure on yourself, open up your workstation, and just fuck around, Experiment, Have fun with it. Maybe you just need a refresh.

Not competent enough?! You have more competence than most musicians here IMO. If you still love making music then: just keep making music! No need to stress the details so much. People listen to your work for a reason (because it's good). If you feel like you need a break though, go for that; everyone needs to get away once in a while.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Pls No Quit Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo No No No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Crying! Mini-Pekka Says! No F**king Quit

Welp, ultimately it's your own choice, but there's probably a lot of people that want you to keep making music. Maybe take a hiatus for a few months and come back with a fresh approach. Idk. Just an idea.

Don't quit making music that fast, imo and in opinion of many other dudes ur music is awesome and i can definitely see a grow in sense of production quality (if just compare ur 2015-2016 uploads to last ones). You re pretty much overthiking it rn, maybe just take a break and come back with fresh ideas n stuff

I understand where your coming from. I recently started learning to code, 7 months ago. I had become so interested that a coded webpages and programs over and over again and now when i feel like making something, say, a web game, and i open the editor i feel like I don't want to do it again. Here I'm saying that after doing something for so long you feel like doing something else don't you?
What does it feel like to you? Its your choice. Maybe you can take another passion.
There may other things you want to do.
Whatever you choose I will support you as a fan, and anyway this is a whole server of songs by you I haven't heard right on my screen right now and yours too.
Which ever path you choose Good Luck ;)

@DetiousMusic Whenever I feel that way I try to refurbish a old idea or make a VIP of something. There's no reason to rush either. It's not a full blown career for you at this point. Take your time, try something different, and put your heart into your releases. No reason for you to feel rushed or pressured

If you want, you can keep producing. If you want, you can stop now. It's all up to you. You don't have to do it if you don't want to, but if you want to keep producing, keep at it. Take a break if needed. Try something new, like idk, Hard trance? Old-school techno rave? It's all up to you on what you want to do at this point.

Follow your heart and do what you love, man.

You are overthinking it; do you even know what you are saying rn? You are one of the best producers here on newgrounds, and i dont see how you can think you are behind, when you are one of the best out there, friend. Keep making music, we love it. :)

Do you really wanna to make more music? I love draw but when i don't feel happy doing there just i stop, don't force yourself making music, if you don't feel good just remember you can leave it.

Detious, you've never been incompetent, we liked all your music in all these years, you can't give up, just trust us, your fans. How about you see our creations and imagine something, even a little? I sometimes fail, but I don't give up, I see other things and I imagine how I plan to make music. You have always been good. I know you can, your fans and I support you.

Please No! I Love Your Music! Please don't quit making music its awesome stuff you make. I know what your meaning as being a musician. Slumps. maybe take a month or two break from music?

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