Real life Limiter..

2013-10-27 23:52:17 by DetiousMusic

Soooo if you've ever wondered why 90% of my tracks are Wips/Clips/Random it's because I work on a very, VERY bad laptop.. (samsung piece of shit I got on Black Friday last year) and I'm still working on saving up...
Literally I can have no more than 4 Midi tracks and a few audio tracks....My recent stuff usually has 2 midi for bass synths, a sub bass, less than 2 synths (an arp and a lead usually) percussion and one effect..
It's really stressing me and I'm sooooo limited on what i can do it's ridiculous. This doesn't mean I'm not gonna try and finish stuff until I'm no longer cursed but I'm saying my music CAN and WILL be bigger and better than recent hits.. d:


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2013-11-19 11:16:20

Ahhh, makes sense. I noticed you responded to my review so I figured I'd check out your profile. Glad I did otherwise I wouldn't have seen this, explains a lot as far as the WIP I commented on aswell as the other tunes you have submitted. I hope you can get a new laptop soon, BlackFriday is this week I do believe, which happens to be my birthday aswell xDD But hopefully you can get a new one then? =] I agree that your music can and will be bigger and better once you're able to use everything you need to use, I still say you need to finish "Some Cute Dubstep" though :P Later my friend.

-Riggz Rukus

DetiousMusic responds:

Duude you don't even know how mad it makes me xD I'm working on that track as we speak actually (but I might get help from Lockyn or Xtrullor if you know them) The funny thing is I got this laptop on black friday LAST year, it's some Samsugn garbage that came with windows 8 -___-
But YES. Once I do get a faster computer I will be putting up gold my friend. Gold.


2013-11-25 21:34:31

Bruv, I got ya if ya need help. c: Depending on if I have time LOL T__T