If you follow me feel welcome!

2014-04-11 03:09:42 by DetiousMusic

To be my friend that is. d:


Slowly over the years I've obtained a small, yet diverse group of individuals who actually enjoy my music and think I'm "GOOD"

Well I feel like I've failed to connect with the people who I addressed above. some of you I don't know but reveiw all my stuff and some of you I know pretty well, but we don't really do much together. I want to become closer! *ahem..* Music wise that is LOL or just pals in general. But if you're feelin social feel free to chat with mee cause I want to meet you guys! :D



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2014-04-11 12:57:15

Checked out a couple of your songs, you got yourself another fan!

DetiousMusic responds:

Well don't I feel loved! cx (I do)


2014-04-23 21:03:18

Well, your music is freaking amazing.


2014-07-11 04:32:27

I think I found a guy I want to make a collab with.

Good stuff, keep it coming.

DetiousMusic responds:

I would be honored to collab with you!!