Sidereal EP

2017-02-05 20:49:36 by DetiousMusic



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2017-02-05 21:25:26


DetiousMusic responds:

Thank you:)


2017-02-06 16:03:54

Jesus mate, love this new EP and artwork! Btw, I loved your serum tutorial on your YT... ;)

DetiousMusic responds:

Thanks man! Oh I'll be making more hopefully :)


2017-02-16 07:52:48

Dude, so glad your back. Never thought you would be back! Could you extend deep senses by chance? Also, are you ever gonna make these available for gd use? Just wondering :)

DetiousMusic responds:

Never gone. :) Yea I've been trying to find a way to extend that song but nothing comes to mind, I'll see what I can do! And I'm not too sure yet, to do so do they need to be uploaded on NG? Never was too clear on that.


2017-02-17 12:32:49

Jesus this EP is gold. Your production quality is sure something. So, any of these songs coming to NG? And have you got any plans for submitting to a label?


2017-02-21 22:16:21

Do you think you could look at my new song and give me some critique?
Thats the link :) Thanks


2017-03-15 11:19:26

The almighty Detious has made a glorious comeback :D


2017-04-28 19:30:25

this should be a real life thing tbh